What We Offer

Moving Organization

Are you moving or relocating and in desperate need of some decluttering assistance before home staging or packing day? Look no further! This service may be for you! We'll lend a hand in decluttering your current space, ensuring that you only keep the items you truly need, and organize before your upcoming move. To add to that, we can also help you unpack and organize at your new place, allowing you to settle in with lightning speed.

Hourly Moving Organization Services and Pricing

Need some assistance decluttering and organizing before your big move? Or maybe you just want an extra set of hands to help unpack that one tricky space after you've settled in. Well, look no further! Our hourly sessions are here to help you get moving (literally).

Space Consult

In-home consultation before hourly or package moving organization sessions begin


45 min

Moving Organization

In-home decluttering and organizing for move-outs and unpacking and organizing for move-ins


4-hour minimum required (1 session)

Moving Organization Packages

Feeling overwhelmed with multiple spaces, larger spaces, or need some extra time to get organized? Our packages are the perfect solution for you! Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a stress-free space. With our packages, you not only get all the benefits of our hourly organizing sessions, but you also get dedicated shopping time and email support throughout your entire project. We're here to make your organizing journey a breeze!

Positivity Package

Perfect for easing into the organizing process with smaller spaces that can be conquered in two sessions


8 hours (2, 4-hour sessions)

Consistency Package

Perfect for organizing big, messy spaces or tackling multiple small spaces that require more time and multiple sessions to complete.


12 hours (3, 4-hour sessions)

Included Services

This service includes:

  • Decluttering and organizing your current space prior to move-out, and/or
  • Unpacking and organizing at your new place during move-in

Included in the moving organization service, you can expect an array of services that will be seamlessly integrated into your project:

  • Dedicated time to declutter and organize your current space, and/or unpack and organize at your new place
  • Travel up to 30 miles each way from our location to your project address
  • Implement a fresh organizational system in your space
  • Provide trash bags, removal, and drop off of trash, recycling, and donations from your project space
  • Follow-up within one week after completing a moving organization session
  • Research, recommend, and shop for organizing products (Packages only)

Let us work our magic to create the organized space you deserve, stress-free, and leave you feeling like, "Ahhh."